Why Your Website Needs a Professional Designer

Sure, there are plenty of website-building tools out there, allow you to design your own ‘online shop window’. And you’ll save yourself lots of cash in the process. But you’ll pay for it later. Why? Well, here’s a handful of reasons right here – just for starters:

5 reasons not to self-design your website

1. You don’t know anything about SEO so search engines will have a hard time finding your website
2. It looks – and reads – a bit like a dog’s dinner. And that’s hardly a recommendation for your business…
3. You’ve no idea how to make it mobile-enabled – and yet that’s how most of your potential customers use the internet
4. If there’s a problem with your website ie it gets a ‘bug’ or ‘hacked’ you won’t know how to fix it
5. You’ll spend your time envying competitor’s websites whenever you go online

Having a great-looking, fast-loading, user-friendly website is undoubtedly the way to go these days. But it’s only part of the plan. In order to really harness the marketing power of the internet, you need to combine it with your social media pages.

Through the likes of Facebook and Instagram you can ‘signal’ potential customers to your website via other online channels. You can also make buying your company products or services easier for them by having your own company app designed.

These days it’s all about having a ‘web presence.’ Certainly, a business without a website, looks unprofessional – and even a bit ‘dodgy’ these days. A company which isn’t using any social media channels seems a little ‘old-fashioned’ and, if your website isn’t mobile-enabled well, really, what stone have you been hiding under for the past few years?

And if the above haven’t already convinced you of the necessity to hire a professional web designer, well maybe these statistics will. They’re from a survey conducted by one of the country’s largest SEO companies:

  • It took 50 milliseconds for a web visitor to make up their mind about a website
  • A total of 38% admitted they would simply leave a site if they didn’t like the look of it
  • A huge 85% of potential customers said they would never buy from an online company until looking through their website to give them ‘a feel’ for the business

Useful skills your website designer has

  • Your web designer can upload images, change text around, add a blog page and basically update your website whenever you ask him or her.
  • He or she can hone your website using SEO techniques so that it gets picked up highly on internet search engines.
  • Unlike you, they have endless patience with your website. If something goes wrong they will persevere until they get the problem fixed. They won’t be throwing anything around the room any time soon!
  • And talking of patience…they can help you navigate your way round your own website. They built it for you after all. If you want to write and upload your own blog, for instance, they’ll explain how.
  • Your web designer will know how to add those user-friendly payment buttons and fun graphics that your competitors have on their websites – not to mention a complicated shopping cart.
  • They’ll have a whole bunch of copywriters and marketing experts at their disposal. Certainly, they’ll have worked with people in these fields and be able to recommend individuals to you.
  • He or she will stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, meaning your website will too.

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