Create A High Converting Website

So you have invested your time and money to create that stunning website that you’ve always dreamt of. You made sure it has all the bells and whistles of modern design-you know the cool little things everyone is talking about; responsive layouts, web fonts, smooth transitions, chatbots, micro-interactions, glitch art-the list is endless. You also spent a good chunk of your resources ensuring the website is populated with high-quality content. This content will rank you higher on search engines leading to more traffic.

At the end of the day, your site needs to earn some money. You may have a lot of traffic and lots of loyal visitors but still miss out on sales. So how do you convert your visitors into leads that will eventually become customers? Read on to find out.

Your website is like a traditional storefront for your business. A good design will draw people inside; you have to be prepared to make casual visitors into customers. Let’s assume for a moment that you were running a brick and mortar gift shop. Some of the strategies you would deploy include things like excellent customer care, banners, clear and prominent price tags for items on sale and even loyalty cards for returning customers. Believe it or not, most of these strategies still apply online.

In web terminologies, the term conversion is used to refer to the action of a visitor positively interacting with elements on your site. This leads them to initiate a mutually beneficial relationship with the site owner. This could be by filling out a signup form, clicking a banner AD, purchasing an item, sharing a post on social media or even making a call.

Here are some tips to improve your site’s conversion rates and make those casual visitors into real customers.

Relevant Content

This is a no brainer. Make sure that visitors find what they are looking for in your content. Your banner ads, social media snippets, titles, and thumbnails should be a reflection of what is contained on your landing pages. Happy visitors will spend more time on your site. They will interact with your content more positively and come back for more. These type of visitors end up filling contact forms, enrolling to your mailing list and even making a purchase on your site. The same applies to E-commerce websites. Make sure your product descriptions are clear and accurate.

Attract People with Attention-Grabbing Headlines

This is one of the most important aspects of conversion rate strategies. We simply cannot stress this enough. Visitors to your site will see the headlines first! Attention-grabbing headlines do not have to be clickbait, misleading or obnoxious to attract attention. Ensure your headlines are tailored towards your value proposition to the reader. A user should be able to tell what they will gain from a post just by reading your headline.

What Is On Your CTA? (Call to Action)

Just by changing the text on your call to action button from the default “click here” to something like “Get your offer” or “download your brochure”, you will see a significant improvement in that CTA’s effectiveness leading to better conversion rates!

Test Different Strategies, See What Works and What Does Not.

This is probably the best piece of advice we can give with regard to conversion rates. Every website has its own unique audience and what may work for you may not work for another person. The most important thing is to expose your audience to different experience and learn from the experience. There are numerous tools out there that will evaluate your site and show you how different users interact with your website.

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